studiominder Features

Built on CasperJS

studiominder is a place to write and track casperjs-based smoke testing scripts. You can build scripts to cover as much functionality as you need to make you sleep at night.

Responsive Design

Design, monitor and review your tests from any device including iPads and iPhones.

Get Organized

Flexible organization structure including projects, topics and tags let you run tests in different groupings.

Multiple Resolutions

Run your tests at different browser resolutions to make sure all the responsiveness is working

Test Camera

Integrated test screen capture lets you review the screens for each test after the test completes


Get notified when tests fail or take too long to run

Built-in Reporting

Track your tests over time and report on performance and pass/fail stats.

Archive Test Results

We'll keep your test results for you or download them in a ZIP for local storage


Quick snaphot to see how everything's working.